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African Arts and Percussions is a store in combination of an African art gallery and a drum workshop. Every piece of artwork at our store has a story, and we'd like to share them with you! In addition to traditional African art crafts, we also specialize in percussion instruments such as djembe, conga, bongo and many more! Our store sells different drums as well as offering drum lessons and drum repair services.

If you are interested in traditional African arts or
percussion instruments, please visit our store. Allow us to show you a great time in experiencing African culture and musical instruments.      

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  1. My ex wife has a djembe needs re-skinning... and I gather you guys do that stuff...

    How do we go about that?

  2. I'm trying to see what you have for sale at your store , but your website does not give any information....

  3. Looking for a djembe carrying case - do you sell them?

  4. Hey Kwasi.... take a listen


    Sweet.... see you tomorrow night... Tony

  5. I'm looking to sell a large wood carving sculpted by a famous Nigerian artist; Edward Madukaego. If you are interested, please let me know what you would offer for such a piece.
    Measures Approx. 6ft tall by 3ft wide
    If your interested, please email me at lfoley@cypressmountain.com.

  6. so sad to hear about the fire..... I've been to the store many times , now I'm not living there and I miss the "old" vancouver when it wasn't hijacked by overseas millionaires. I hope you can overcome the loss and regroup to keep the wonderful drumming spirit alive. and I hope to go back at least for a while to touch the earth which blessed me for such a long time in my life. Wonderful mix of cultures, wonderful music from all over. I miss so much the 'spirit' of the Vancouver I knew - I know that 'spirit' lives on, perhaps hidden and spread all over, but it's still alive.