Friday, 20 March 2015

The Gallery Part 3

The history of Nigeria's art is however not continuous in either time or space, there are numerous gaps in our knowledge of Nigerian art history right from its earliest beginnings and its continuity up to the present day. This points to the fact that much remains to be learned through future research and discovery.
That not withstanding, archaeologists and art historians have been able to link stylistically the art forms from the Nok, Ife, Owo, Benin and the Tsoede bronzes, the richness in Nigeria's recent sculptural styles is therefore rooted in these great ancient artistic traditions.
The contemporary Nigerian masks, sculptures and textiles from various parts of the country also show a great deal of similarities not only in form but also in significance and use, Nigerian art is therefore a unifying factor bringing together the numerous ethnic groups under the same tradition and cultural umbrella.

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